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Course Descriptions

BIO 242 - Human Dissection

1 Credit

For students in programs leading to a degree in an allied health field. Careful dissection of the human body by students under faculty supervision will be used to reinforce and enrich the student's study of anatomy. Students gain experience in making educated decisions concerning the dissection, as well as in dissection technique and identification of human anatomical structures.

Prerequisite: BIO 142 and permission of the instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate proper, effective and non-destructive dissection technique.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy by being able to identify anatomical structures on a dissected cadaver after completing pre-lab assignments at home.
3. Discuss the importance and structure of organs as they are being dissected.
4. Identify the structures and organs of a human cadaver while providing a "tour" of the specimen.

Course Offered Spring

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