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Course Descriptions

CPT 211 - Android App Design for Mobile Devices

3 Credits

An introduction to the design and implementation of mobile applications using the Android computing platform. Students will utilize standard software development techniques, including the use of an integrated development environment and software development kits, to build mobile applications. The applications will include capture and processing of data from the integrated sensors found in a typical mobile device.

Prerequisite(s): CSC 101 or CPT 101 or CIS 101

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Distinguish between various versions of mobile computing platforms.
2. Apply techniques and strategies pertaining to the software development life cycle.
3. Develop specifications for mobile applications utilizing platform-specific functionality.
4. Devise methods to capture and process data from physical sensors.
5. Experiment with user interface designs to represent sensor data as meaningful information.
6. Produce fully functional mobile applications.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024