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Course Descriptions

ART 154 - Drawing the Human Figure

3 Credits

This is an intensive studio-based course that deals primarily with the human form via the nude model and additional supporting means for that study. Assignments are designed to give the students the visual tools needed to accomplish accurate rendering of the figure, with emphasis on anatomy, proportion and the creative interpretation of the human form. A variety of media will be explored such as graphite, conte crayon, charcoal and ink wash. Guided strategies such as contour, gesture, and tonal studies will be utilized while drawing poses that vary in duration. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course.

Prerequisite: ART 104 or permission of instructor

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Render the human figure using a wide variety of drawing media.
2. Demonstrate an ability to draw the figure within a compositionally effective space.
3. Demonstrate an ability to draw the figure realistically.
4. Render the human figure using various styles of drawing, such as; Blind Contour, contour, gesture, tonal, and sustained observation.
5. Utilize sighting techniques to draw the figure in proportion.
6. Draw an accurate portrait, with an understanding of the underlying skull structure.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023