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Course Descriptions

HSP 251 - Hospitality Marketing

3 Credits

Students will learn the theoretical concepts of developing a start-up business and give a shark tank pitch that shares the 8 Ps of the product or service. Students will apply core competencies gained throughout the semester, such as PRICE (planning, research, implementation, control & evaluation) to their start-up.

The shark tank experience will simulate the personal selling skills needed in the hospitality industry, while demonstrating the marketing strategies necessary to ensure success. Core competencies are achieved in basic accounting, inventory management, human resources, sales and marketing.

Additional skill sets are acquired through the intensive use of computer competencies such as Internet literacy, uploading, e-mailing, downloading and instant messaging. Students will draw from previous course content to enable successful completion of this course.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss the major historical developments that have affected the marketing of hospitality products and services.
2. Discuss the unique trends of hospitality products and services.
3. Explain how marketers use geographic, psychographic or behavioristic segmenting in the marketing of hospitality products.
4. Compare different methods of market research.
5. Describe the eight P's of the marketing mix.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2024
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