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Course Descriptions

ART 231 - Art Seminar/Portfolio Development

3 Credits

A course for the student who has completed 20 credits in the visual arts, interior design, or graphic arts courses. The seminar will critically summarize the students' art experiences and provide techniques and methods to sustain, maintain and foster personal and professional growth in their fields. Topics to be covered are: self-evaluation techniques, preparing, presenting and maintaining a professional portfolio, transfer advisement and career advisement. Guest lectures, visits to arts organizations, art galleries, area colleges, private and commercial studios, will expose the student to a variety of arts organizations and career possibilities.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate management and knowledge of skills such as the ability to plan, present and evaluate various types of ideas in and about the arts.
2. Demonstrate writing and research skills for grant writing, proposals, evaluation and assessment.
3. Demonstrate the development of aesthetic sensitivity along with technical and cognitive skills such as; perception, refection, interpretation and communication.
4. Demonstrate competency in communicating and critically evaluating their own work and the work or others by development of written materials and development of a visual portfolio for presentation and evaluation.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023