Course Descriptions

CRC 110 - Introduction to Web Site Design

1 Credit

Hands-on practice designing and writing HTML documents. Students will learn to create WEB pages for fun, education, and business. Students will also discover how to add tables, images, sound, video and forms to their WEB pages. Project required. BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF MICROSOFT WINDOWS INCLUDING FILE MANAGEMENT IS REQUIRED.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Familiarize the student with the functional controls available on the net browsers Internet Explorer and Netscape.
2. Familiarize the student with the structure and syntax of the HTML programming language enabling the student to design and setup basic, effective web pages.
3. Discuss and incorporate Table and Frame structure/programming techniques (including image-mapping techniques) in web page design.
4. Discuss and incorporate Multimedia Objects (Images, Sound and Video) as routine enhancements in the design of web pages.
5. Discuss and incorporate Interactive Forms as a means of obtaining customer orders and Email feedback from a web page.
6. Discuss the process for posting web pages on the Internet.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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