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Course Descriptions

TRS 105 - Academic Writing

No Credit

This course is designed to prepare students for success in ENG 101. This course will cover the aspects of development, revision, and writing of academic essays, as well as language mechanics, grammar, and usage skills necessary for effective written communication. Emphasis is on the application of these skills in frequent writing assignments and revisions of academic essays.

Pre-requisite(s): Accuplacer reading score of 71 - 80.9 and sentence skills score of 94.9 or lower; or reading score of 81 or above and sentence skills score of 64.9 or lower. Co-requisite: Co-enrollment in any REA 100 for students with Accuplacer reading comprehension scores between 71 - 80.9

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Effectively engage in the writing process by integrating prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing when developing college-level essays.
2. Create effective theses, stated or implied.
3. Develop effective introductions and conclusions in college-level essays.
4. Create focused, well-developed body paragraphs in college-level essays.
5. Employ varied patterns of development in college-level essays.
6. Demonstrate effective organization (chronological, spatial, emphatic), including appropriate transitions within and between paragraphs in college-level essays.
7. Write college-level essays that exhibit competence in Standard English (word choice, word usage, and mechanics).
8. Employ varied sentence structures in college-level essays (for example, by using subordination and coordination).
9. Employ appropriate documentation of cited sources, such as MLA.
10. Demonstrate affective growth in one or more of the following areas: positive attitude towards learning, confidence, motivation, perseverance and belief in their ability to be successful writers.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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