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Course Descriptions

ART 102 - Fine Arts: Theory and Practice

3 Credits

This course is required for those enrolling in the Fine Arts degree program, planning to graduate and transfer, and is designed to be taken in the first semester. It is a springboard for a multitude of interests for a future in the arts. The student is introduced through lecture, reading, writing, and discussion, to topics addressing our expectations and the student's preparation to succeed in the program. Additionally, an overview of the offerings in the discipline, and the expectations and interactions of the Fine Arts courses are provided. The general knowledge areas include: fine arts theory and practice; a personal development plan; the creative process and ideation; exposure to contemporary art practices; and theoretical readings.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Interpret the specific goals and terminology of each course and how to apply them to personal production.
2. Formulate a personal development plan and identified career paths in the Fine Arts.
3. Develop an ability to comprehend and apply the creative process to their own work.
4. Develop an awareness of the portfolio expectations for completion of the Fine Arts Program.
5. Demonstrate the ability to relate personal visual expression to contemporary art practices.
6. Articulate the theoretical aspects relative to art, art making, and artists.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023