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Course Descriptions

HVA 220 - Sheet Metal Fabrication

3 Credits

This course will provide students with the theory and application of sheet metal fabrication for use in the field of residential and light commercial HVAC installation. Students will gain a working knowledge of floor and hand tools used in the trade and relevant safety issues. Geometry and math associated with fabrication are an integral part of this course.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Student will properly and safely demonstrate the use of sheet metal hand tools and shop equipment.
2. Student will fabricate a sheet metal project that meets the criteria established by the instructor and representative of the industry standard.
3. Students will be able to identify various duct materials, types of locks and fasteners and support systems for ducting.
4. Students will layout and fabricate a 'transition' using hand tools and equipment that would be available in the field ( not shop equipment), that meets industry specifications.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023