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Course Descriptions

ART 125 - Three Dimensional Design: Foundation

3 Credits

This course introduces the student to how the elements of line, plane, shape, volume and mass are manipulated in the design of 3D forms. Texture, transparency, unification, modification, color, and other effects on these elements are also incorporated. The elements are defined, experimented with individually, in combination, and cumulatively. Individuality is encouraged within the structured framework of each project. Students experience a wide range of materials and processes to develop a broad three-dimensional experience. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Interpret and implement the elements [line, plane, shape, volume, mass] and principles of design individually and in combination, through sequentially related studio problems.
2. Utilize a basic art and design vocabulary as it relates to the arts and three dimensional design, and use these terms coherently and persuasively in discussion of the student's own work and the work of their peers.
3. Develop problem solving skills, ideas, and the methodology that utilizes the creative process in formulating design solutions culminating in the production of three-dimensional forms. The production of work will result from process/development and will include sketching, maquettes, and technical drawings for applicable projects.
4. Develop the appropriate craftsmanship and skills necessary for experiencing and working in a wide range of media. Materials range from paper, wire, metals, sticks/reed, and wood.
5. Demonstrate basic construction techniques in each medium through the production of structurally sound three-dimensional work.
6. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of hand tools and power equipment in the creation of three-dimensional projects.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023