Course Descriptions

ENG 223 - Science Fiction

3 Credits

Reading, discussion, and written analysis of speculative fiction novels and short stories about human beings experiencing the changes resulting from science and technology. Representative authors from Shelley and Wells, through Clarke and Heinlein, to LeGuin and Delany.

Prerequisite(s): English 101 with a C or better, or placement into English 200, or instructor permission.

SUNY General Education: SUNY-H - Humanities (SHUM)

MCC General Education: MCC-AH - Arts and Humanities (MAH)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze works of science fiction from a variety of cultures.
2. Describe the common conventions of the genre.
3. Apply critical insight in interpretations of science fiction.
4. Explain the historical development of science fiction.
5. Describe the relationship of science fiction to mainstream literature.
6. Explain the connection between science fiction and the impact of changing technology and social systems on people.
7. Write a thesis-driven essay using literature as a primary source.
8. Apply the appropriate formal conventions when writing about literature.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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