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Course Descriptions

FPT 216 - Fire Service Instructor I

3 Credits

This course will prepare students to meet the requirements of a Fire Service Instructor, in accordance with NFPA 1041, "The Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications" 2012 Edition. Topics covered include: characteristics of an effective fire instructor, oral communications, adapting lesson plans, writing performance objectives, use of audio and other training aids, common classroom settings and arrangements, various testing instruments to evaluate teaching and learning efficiency, and meeting record keeping requirements. Students who successfully meet all the requirements of this course will be eligible to test national certification in Fire Service Instructor I.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, FPT 101, FPT 102, FPT 103, FPT 105 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate the delivery of instruction from a prepared lesson plan, including instructional aids and evaluation instruments.
2. Review and adapt existing lesson plans based upon student needs.
3. Describe how to create an effective physical learning environment for fire service training and education.
4. Develop a plan for record keeping and reporting that meets the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.
5. Demonstrate professionalism, such as personal appearance, quality of course materials, voice, instructional attitude and conduct, during an observed teaching presentation.

Course Offered Fall

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