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Course Descriptions

SGT 100 - Introduction to Surgical Technology

4 Credits

This course introduces the student to the needs of surgical patients during preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of care. It includes study of basic patient care including transport and transfer, vital signs, positioning, and creating a safe physical environment. Emphasis is on development of knowledge and skills related to principles and practice of aseptic technique, sterilization, use of selected devices to maintain hemostasis and thermoregulation, documentation, organization of the surgical suite and emergency procedures.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe perioperative surgical case management, including associated documentation, required for surgical patients.
2. Discuss the concepts of asepsis.
3. Identify specific surgical instrumentation by classification, name, their particular parts, material, finishes or function.
4. Discuss the principles of sterilization.
5. Discuss methods of hemostasis or blood replacement.
6. Explain safety considerations related to the physical environment in the surgical suite.
7. Discuss types and purposes of surgical dressings.
8. Demonstrate the application of aseptic technique in all surgical settings.
9. Demonstrate the principles for creating and maintaining a sterile field.
10. Demonstrate the principles preparing the operative site of a surgical patient in an aseptic manner.
11. Demonstrate the proper handling of surgical instruments.
12. Demonstrate the preparation and use of appropriate agents or devices used to promote hemostasis.
13. Describe the application of surgical conscience as it relates to surgical asepsis.
14. Identify strategies to provide appropriate management of surgical complications.
15. Compare and contrast various legal medial liabilities with the consequences for these acts.
16. Demonstrate health and wellness strategies to transfer the surgical patient to the operating table or stretcher.
17. Demonstrate proper body mechanics while positioning the surgical patient.

Course Offered Fall

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