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Course Descriptions

LDS 101 - A Seminar in Leadership Development

3 Credits

A study to develop a basic understanding of leadership with special emphasis upon: styles and approaches toward leadership, motivational factors, communication skills, decision-making processes, characteristics of groups and group techniques, and the methodology and significance of goal-setting.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding of and apply the Relational Leadership Model to one's leadership role.
2. Demonstrate an increased self-awareness through the exploration of values, beliefs, culture and identity.
3. Show in oral or written assignments or tests an understanding of the basics of group roles, dynamics, and decision making in order to function constructively in group settings.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of coalitions, communities, and systems.
5. Explain through oral or written assignments or tests one's understanding and appreciation of the relationship between ethics and leadership.
6. Demonstrate the complexities of leadership and the multidisciplinary nature of leadership studies.
7. Compare and contrast traditional and emergent paradigms of leadership in written and oral assignments in and out of class.
8. Apply critical thinking to leadership theories and practices in tests, written assignments or through an oral presentation.
9. Demonstrate an understanding of gender and cultural influences on leadership. Demonstrate an awareness of leadership issues facing our communities and society.
10. Develop through writing or speaking a personal philosophy of leadership. Engage in a positive, inclusive learning experience where all students are challenged and supported.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024