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Course Descriptions

SGT 110 - Foundations of Surgical Technology

1 Credit

This course introduces the roles of the various surgical team members and orients students to the basic organization of healthcare facilities. Interpersonal relationships, communication and teamwork, and ethical standards of conduct are emphasized. Responsibilities of scrub, circulating and second assisting surgical technologists are explored.

Learning Attributes: CL

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain surgical conscience.
2. Identify requirements to practice as a certified surgical technologist (CST) in New York State.
3. Describe the role of the certified surgical technologist (CST) per Association of Surgical Technologist (AST) standards.
4. Discuss the ethics of the role of the certified surgical technologist (CST) in the care of the patient.
5. Identify members of the surgical team and their roles as they relate to the intraoperative care of the patient.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2023