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Course Descriptions

BIO 226 - Bioanalytical Techniques II

4 Credits

An in-depth study of the theory and practice of separation techniques that would be employed in the isolation and purification of biomolecules such as proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids. Laboratory experiments involve immunology, chromatography, electrophoresis, and blotting techniques (western and southern blots).

Prerequisite: BIO 156 with a grade of C- or better or BIO 225, or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Distinguish the major biological molecules; differentiate the staining and labeling techniques for the detection and identification of biological molecules; describe the methods for concentrating the molecules, comparing the usefulness and efficiency of each.
2. Describe the basic principle of gel electrophoresis; distinguish the different forms of electrophoresis and their applications to biotechnology; analyze and/or interpret data from various forms of electrophoresis.
3. Compare the common blotting and sequencing techniques and demonstrate how these techniques have furthered biotechnology and forensic science.
4. Distinguish monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, comparing the production and benefits of each; describe the immunological methods relevant to biotechnology.
5. Describe the general principle of chromatographic separations; distinguish the chromatography techniques used in the separation of biological molecules; compare each of the techniques based on effectiveness; apply these techniques to the separation of a hypothetical protein sample.
6. Compare the various tissue culture methods employed for the growth and analysis of eukaryotic organisms; describe applications of the culture methods for research.
7. Discuss the stages in the industrial microbiology process.
8. Apply centrifugation techniques to the separation of biological samples; comparing the separation of different biological components.

Course Offered Spring

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