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Course Descriptions

TVL 131 - Documentation in the Tourism Industry

3 Credits

Extensive examples and exercises will provide students with the essential information they will need regarding the fare and ticketing process. Detailed coverage of manual and automated ticketing will be covered including special ticketing procedures, exchanges, and refunds. All ticketing formats and entries contained in this course are in strict accordance with the ARC INDUSTRY AGENTS' HANDBOOK. The Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) establishes industry-wide standards for the sale and completion of all airline-generated documents.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify industry codes that represent individual airports, airlines, or airline equipment.
2. Use common travel and tourism industry terminology.
3. Evaluate various tour packages.
4. Distinguish among the different time zones.
5. Explain how the different time zones impact travel.
6. Analyze the different travel insurance policy offerings.
7. Determine which travel insurance packages best meet a customer's needs.
8. Discuss how to solve everyday travel agent problems.

Course Offered Fall

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Spring Semester 2023