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Course Descriptions

TRS 099 - College Composition Support

No Credit

The purpose of this course is to support student success in ENG 101 (College Composition) through collaborative, integrated reading and writing experiences. This co-requisite course will address the development, drafting, and revision of academic essays, as well as the language, mechanics, grammar, and usage skills necessary for effective written communication. TRS 099 provides opportunities for reflective practice and emphasizes the application of academic reading/writing skills necessary to develop and revise ENG 101 assignments.

Prerequisite(s): High school GPA of 71-79.9, or completion of TRS 090 with a C or higher, or TRS 100 with a B or higher, or Self-Directed Placement. Corequisite: ENG-101

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Reading: Apply effective reading strategies to academic texts.
2. Rhetoric: Practice various rhetorical strategies with focused attention on audience, context, and purpose.
3. Composing: Integrate reading and writing processes.
4. Researching: Practice appropriate documentation of reliable and credible sources.
5. Conventions: Revise multi-modal texts for clarity at sentence- and paragraph-levels.
6. Metacognition: Reflect on one’s growth in reading, writing, and learning.

Course Offered Fall; Spring

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