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Course Descriptions

PLE 101 - Fundamentals of Policing

14 Credits

This course examines and introduces recruit officers to the criminal justice system with special emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of police officers. Focuses on the legal basis for law enforcement operations starting with the United States Constitution and specifically exploring the State of New York: Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Vehicle and traffic Law, and Juvenile Procedures. Report writing skills are taught and practiced. Recruit officers are introduced to defensive tactics-basic techniques used by police officers. Recruit officers are introduced to physical fitness and wellness designed to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals including a pre-test. Must be a sworn police officer or peace officer employed or sponsored by a law enforcement agency.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Complete a variety of reports documenting information from criminal investigations
2. Describe the roles and responsibilities of police officers.
3. Apply legal standards and procedures in the law enforcement vocation.
4. Demonstrate basic defensive tactics skills.
5. Demonstrate basic physical fitness levels.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2023