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Course Descriptions

HVA 105 - Electric and Motor Controls

3 Credits

Covers basic principles of electricity and electric motor theory as it is found in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning industry. Topics covered are: series and parallel circuits, Ohm's law, amperage, voltage, watts, transformers, relays, contactors, wire sizing, distribution, and capacitors.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Define basic terminology used in electrical systems and work.
2. Identify the safety issues involved with electrical circuits.
3. Identify basic electrical principles involving electricity at the atomic level.
4. Identify practical applications involving resistance, induction and magnetism encountered in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems.
5. Outline the different forms of electrical power, its distribution and, its applications in HVAC/R systems.
6. Predict the basic forces encountered in electrical circuits.
7. Analyze wire sizing and circuit overload protection devices.
8. Develop wiring diagrams.
9. Locate control components in HVAC/R systems for testing and troubleshooting.
10. Identify electrical motor principles and control components used to start and stop them in HVAC/R systems.
11. Classify commonly used motors in HVAC/R.
12. Illustrate working safely on energized electrical circuits for testing and troubleshooting.
13. Review the proper use of electrical meters to facilitate testing and troubleshooting of electrical circuits encountered in HVAC/R systems.
14. Interpret basic control wiring configurations of residential furnaces and air-conditioning systems.
15. Describe the proper use of various electrical hand tools used for stripping and joining wiring together in the field.
16. Synthesize basic troubleshooting strategies in electrical circuits.
17. Evaluate wiring control circuits and control configurations of series-parallel circuits.
18. Illustrate proper testing and troubleshooting of electrical motors.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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