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Course Descriptions

ECE 130 - Field Work Child Care Practitioner I

3 Credits

Students in this course will have the opportunity to receive hands on group experience in licensed child care centers or Head Start facilities. Weekly meetings with experienced education instructors will coincide with curriculum for ECE 150 and ECE 151.

Prerequisite(s): ECE 150 and ECE 151.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Produce a weekly menu that will articulate their philosophy of young children's nutritional needs.
2. Create a comprehensive lesson/weekly plan that includes goals and objectives for children's learning as well as accommodations for special needs.
3. Complete a classroom observation at their field work placement specifically focused on learning environment.
4. Produce nine learning activities specifically in the developmental domains of Science/Sensory; Language and Literacy; Creative Arts; Fine Motor; Gross Motor; Self Concept; Emotional Skills/Regulation; Social Skills and Mathematics.
5. List titles, authors, publishers, copyright dates and short summaries of children’s books that are developmentally appropriate and that support topics related to children’s lives.
6. Describe how to maintain a safe, healthy learning environment, using the above stated menu, lesson plan and observation to determine how the students' teaching practices meets this standards.
7. Use the nine learning activities listed in objective four to explain how students are advancing children's physical and intellectual competency.
8. Explain how they will support a child's self and social development, as well as provide positive guidance.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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