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Course Descriptions

HIM 104 - Medical Terminology

3 Credits

A survey of the principles of medical terminology and word elements as a framework for a comprehensive medical vocabulary that can be applied in a professional setting. The course emphasizes methods used in health record documentation. Content includes detailed general and body system terminology, covering approximately 50+ terms per body system, as well as terminology used in pharmacotherapy, medical laboratory testing, and medical diagnosis. Computer programs, internet links, and comprehensive medical dictionaries will be used to enhance understanding of medical terminology.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Build a comprehensive medical vocabulary.
2. Apply guidelines for medical term formation, pronunciation, and spelling.
3. Define and use medical word elements.
4. Use commonly-used medical abbreviations and eponyms correctly.
5. Identify directional terms associated with the body.
6. Explain terms used in documenting patient wellness.
7. Identify commonly-used pharmaceuticals.
8. Identify medical laboratory procedures associated with specific body systems.
9. Identify diagnostic procedures associated with specific body systems.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023