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Course Descriptions

ART 206 - Commercial Illustration II

3 Credits

A continuation of Commercial Illustration I, this course focuses on assignments as they are commissioned by art directors, ad agencies, and publishers. Students will practice, study, and experiment while expanding boundaries and modes of expression. Students are encouraged to create with global awareness, exploring intellectual and creative pursuits to better culture and society. To assist in creative experimentation, there are extensive facilities available to work in a multitude of media: from the analog to the digital, traditional to cutting-edge.

Prerequisite(s): ART 205 or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply a visual vocabulary, as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills to communicate the written word as means of creating industry oriented illustrations
2. Integrate a comprehensive illustration foundation including traditional and digital skills in conjunction with design to enhance visual communication proficiency.
3. Demonstrate creative habits and discipline as means of self-improvement and commercial success.
4. Demonstrate a personal illustration technique that uses both traditional and digital skills and incorporates acquired knowledge, experience, judgment, and unique aesthetic vision.
5. Analyze and evaluate personal and professional illustration solutions through discussion and critiques.
6. Produce a portfolio that demonstrates the use of concept and creativity.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023