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Course Descriptions

AAD 220 - Professional Practices

3 Credits

This course will review, through practice, the application of professional trade customs associated with the visual arts. The experience is intended to give students an understanding of production procedures and business practices relevant to creative professionals. Students will learn the basics of managing creative practices such as design and/or illustrative work from initial client contact to project completion. Production issues related to the various applied arts will be studied—types of businesses, methods of finding work, examining costs, common pitfalls, writing contracts, managing design/illustration/creative jobs, and preparing digital work for production. Working with other creative artists, and copyright law, as it applies to visual arts, will also be studied.

- Course takes place within a Macintosh environment utilizing Adobe software.
- Students will be required to purchase art supplies and materials.
- Students will be required to print at a local service bureau.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 104 and AAD 105.

MCC General Education: MCC-CT - Critical Thinking (MCT), MCC-TL - Technological Literacy (MTL)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Research potential clients and discuss the importance of marketing and self promotion for the independent visual artist or producer.
2. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of different business types appropriate for self-employed visual artists or producers.
3. Describe the composition of your business team including the function and importance of each member.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023