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New and Updated Course Descriptions

TEK 200 - Laboratory Data Preparation and Analysis with MathCad

2 Credits

A course for individuals who acquire and analyze data in science, engineering or technology environments. MathCad is a widely used program in this arena and representative of this class of analysis programs. Students will import data into MathCad from text files and Excel files. Using this data, representative statistical and physical science calculations will be performed in MathCad. Graphs and text commentary will be prepared in MathCad. A typical "formal" laboratory report will be written.

Prerequisite: MTH 140 or higher; one physics, engineering, or technical course with a laboratory recommended.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Students will report procedures, data and conclusions
2. Students will arrange report elements in a logical manner
3. Students will choose appropriate software tools to compute a variety of statistical and physical parameters.
4. Students will analyze data and results and compare them to standard models
5. Students will plot data and results and if necessary re-order data and results to illustrate concepts or trends.
6. Students will evaluate results and make decisions based upon data and results about their conformity to statistical or physical criteria.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2021
Summer Session 2021