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Course Descriptions

HED 116 - Issues in Child Development and Health

3 Credits

Explores health content areas, defined by the New York State Health Education Department, that affect the health and wellness of children. Issues, such as those that follow, are addressed from an educator's or caregiver's perspective: communication skills, family life, keeping kids active, safety education, death, substance use and abuse, school violence, childhood stress, nutrition, mental health and environmental factors. This course will include the development of a personal wellness plan as role modeling for children, and the opportunity for certification in identifying and reporting suspected child abuse/maltreatment, and Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Legislation.

MCC General Education: MCC-HW - Health and Wellness (MHW), MCC-VE - Values and Ethics (MVE)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, and behavioral issues related to child health and development, and strategies for optimizing health and wellness in each domain.
2. Differentiate and illustrate primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention of disease and death.
3. Evaluate the credibility of various sources and content of health information related to child health and development.
4. Distinguish factors that contribute to health-related choices and responsible decision making for youth.
5. Discuss strategies for preventing, identifying, and reporting various types of child abuse and neglect for mandated and non-mandated reporters.
6. Compare violence prevention measures and appropriate responses to threats and acts of violence.
7. Recognize the roles of family, schools, and community resources in the health and development of children.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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