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Course Descriptions

NUR 112 - Nursing Care of the Adult and Child-I

8 Credits

NUR 112 focuses on Basic Needs of adult and child patients using the Nursing Process to provide quality, safe patient centered care for diverse populations. Teamwork and collaboration are introduced and explored. Students use knowledge, science and evidence to manage, with assistance, the essential issues of patients with both acute and chronic conditions in several healthcare environments. The core competencies of Associate Degree Nursing practice introduced in NUR 111 are expanded upon in clinical nursing practice. This course has a required clinical component.

Prerequisites: NUR 110, NUR 111, MTH 160, PSY 101 and BIO 144, all with a minimum grade of C; Corequisites: BIO 145, PSY 212 and ENG 101 or ENG 200, unless previously taken.

Learning Attributes: WR

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate professional communication with members of the interprofessional team.
2. Identify data that influence patients’ ability to meet Basic Needs for selected medical-surgical patients.
3. Apply therapeutic communication techniques with patients and families for selected medical-surgical patients.
4. Demonstrate use of the Nursing Process using evidence-based practice with clinical reasoning for selected medical-surgical patients.
5. Organize nursing care utilizing basic principles of prioritization for an individual patient.
6. Evaluate data to determine if assistance is required to meet safety needs for selected medical-surgical patients.
7. Demonstrate accountable behaviors consistent with professional nursing practice.
8. Relate ethical behaviors to the principles of the ANA Code of Ethics.
9. Discuss evidence-based practice resources for surgical patients.
10. Apply current evidence-based standards of professional nursing care for selected medical-surgical patients.

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Fall Semester 2022