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Course Descriptions

SGT 102 - Principles and Practices in Surgical Technology

5 Credits

This course continues to demonstrate the various functions of the surgical technologist. Emphasis is on safety in the operating room, care of specimens and instrumentation and equipment used in surgical procedures. Methods used for closure of wounds and mechanisms of wound healing are presented. Emphasis on sterilization and disinfection principles and procedures is continued.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 144, HIM 104, SGT 100 and SGT 110 passing all courses with a grade of C or better. Co-requisite(s): BIO 145, ENG 101 or ENG 200, PHL 103, and SGT 101.

MCC General Education: MCC-TL - Technological Literacy (MTL)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify and describe the basic principles of electricity and apply the knowledge to the operating room environment.
2. Discuss electrical knowledge as it relates to patient safety.
3. List methods of obtaining specimens.
4. Define and demonstrate the handling, labeling, preservation and containment of specimens.
5. Identify basic surgical instruments by classification, name, parts, materials finishes, and function.
6. Discuss care and handling of surgical instruments and demonstrate assembly.
7. Identify the names and functions of various types of accessory equipment and demonstrate care, handling, and assembly.
8. Identify types of special equipment utilized in modern operating room practice and demonstrate basic care and handling techniques.
9. Identify and prepare various surgical supplies.
10. Discuss types and purposes of surgical dressings.
11. List and describe the four wound classifications and give examples of surgical procedures for each classification.
12. Identify the phases of wound healing.
13. Analyze factors that affect wound healing and devise a plan to prevent postoperative wound infections.
14. Identify potential complications of wound healing.
15. Classify and differentiate suture materials and stapling devices and their usage.
16. Identify suture materials and stapling devices and demonstrate preparation and handling techniques.
17. Identify, describe, and handle the various surgical needles.
18. Identify principles and demonstrate techniques of sterilization, sterile storage, and distribution.
19. Identify principles and demonstrate techniques of disinfection and antisepsis.

Course Offered Spring

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Spring Semester 2022
Summer Session 2022