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Hotel Management

Certificate Program


School(s): Applied Sciences & Technologies

MCC Program Code: HM10
CIP Code: 52.0904
NYSED Code (BRI): 28192

This program is designed for the student who is primarily interested in a travel and tourism concentration without the broad liberal arts background. A graduate of this program will have established a basis for a career in the travel and tourism industry, and will be qualified for at least entry-level positions in tour companies, travel agencies, tourism bureaus, cruise lines, car rental companies, and hotels. Cooperative Education provides work-based experience to expand students' learning opportunities.
(Housed in the Hospitality Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1.Identify regulations relevant to the operation of hospitality facilities to ensure compliance with the law.
2.Articulate the steps to executing an event.
3.Describe the basic operating requirements of all the areas in a hotel.
4.Discuss sales and marketing principles.
5.Demonstrate the ability to apply proper food handling techniques.
6.Distinguish among the inter-dependencies of the different hotel departments.

DEACTIVATED - NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS - Review the New Hospitality Certificate as an option