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New and Updated Course Descriptions

FSA 203 - Culinary Arts II: Advanced Food Preparation

5 Credits

A laboratory class in which the students supervise and run "The-Heart-of-the-House" commercial kitchen. Opportunities to practice "Back-of-the-House" management skills and menu development is employed here. The students will rotate job responsibilities between two kitchens to ensure familiarity of every facet of the operation and produce food for real diners.

Prerequisite(s): FSA 119 (may be taken concurrently, or previously taken)

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Demonstrate the basic fundamentals of cooking.
2.Participate in a successful kitchen operation.
3.Analyze menus.
4.Create recipes.
5.Calculate the food cost of various recipes.
6.Compare and contrast the different management styles that can be implemented in a commercial kitchen.
7.Perform managerial functions.
8.Apply teamwork to achieve a common goal.
9.Demonstrate effective methods of problem solving and conflict resolution.
10.Identify the top eight allergens in food labels, ingredients, etc.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023