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New and Updated Course Descriptions

ESL 120 - English for Speakers of Other Languages - Intermediate II: Integrated Skills

7 Credits

This course is designed to promote fundamental fluency in all skills through massive amounts of reading, writing, and oral activities, where the primary emphasis is on meaning. Students will read novels and write and revise a semester-long project on topics of a personal nature. Discussion, small group work, and email will play important roles.

Prerequisite: Score of 43-53 on CELSA placement test and ESL 100 (may be taken concurrently or previously completed).

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Explain main ideas from various narratives.
2.Discuss personal connections to a text.
3.Identify specific English grammar structures in a text.
4.Write and revise an extended personal narrative essay.
5.Identify and correct errors that contribute to a lack of fluency.
6.Present a personal narrative orally.
7.Use tone and register appropriate for an academic setting.
8.Use select academic English vocabulary in writing.
9.Use a computer for word processing, email, or multi-media presentations.
10.Use grammar structures in writing.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023