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New and Updated Course Descriptions

CLT 130 - Body Fluids and Urinalysis

2 Credits

This course is the study of the structure and function of the processes which result in urine and body fluid production. The emphasis of the course will be on analysis and interpretation of test results and will include pathophysiological correlations to the test results. Topics will include urinalysis, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, serous fluid analysis, analysis of transudates, exudates and gastrointestinal contents and semen analysis.

Prerequisite(s): CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 134, BIO 142, BIO 144 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor. Co-requisite(s): Any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 (or previously completed)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the primary functions of the major components of the urinary system.
2. Perform a routine urinalysis according to standard operating procedures.
3. Identify commonly observed urinary crystals, cells or casts.
4. Explain the principle of tests commonly included in a routine urinalysis.
5. Explain the principle of confirmatory chemical tests for urine.
6. Troubleshoot discrepant results.
7. Describe tests commonly performed on non-urine body fluids.
8. Describe pre-examination procedures applicable to urine or body fluid analysis.
9. Describe post-examination procedures applicable to urine or body fluid analysis.
10. Describe quality assessment practices for urine or body fluid analysis.
11. Explain the clinical significance of urine or body fluid analyses or results.

Course Offered Summer

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Fall Semester 2023