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New and Updated Course Descriptions

HSP 204 - Advanced Conference and Event Planning

3 Credits

This course will focus on the competencies necessary to build and maintain a sustainable career in the event management field. Topics discussed will include, strategic planning, budgeting, HR management, marketing, and assessment. Class participants will create and execute a special event including the budget and marketing plan.

Prerequisite(s): HSP 202

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Discuss the fundamentals necessary to maintain a sustainable career in the Special Events business.
2.Demonstrate competency in the five phases of event management: research, design, planning, coordination or evaluation.
3.Manage an event budget.
4.Create a successful event while incorporating the value of risk management.
5.Use marketing research to create a successful event.
6.Discuss the impact of effective human resource management in the special events industry.
7.Construct the formal evaluation of an event using assessment tools.
8.Discuss the value of assessment tools on maintaining a successful event management business and career.
9.Execute a special event.
10.Complete the Cvent Supplier Network certification exam.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
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