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New and Updated Course Descriptions

ART 110 - Comics and Sequential Art

3 Credits

This class is designed to take students through the process of creating their own comic book or sequential narrative. We will also examine the evolution of the comic, how the comic book is referenced in contemporary society, and appropriate grant writing and portfolio procedures for the comic industry. The course will be divided into three areas: materials, drawing techniques, and themes. While exploring these areas of emphasis, students will begin to develop their own style and voice which will be examined through a series of critiques throughout the semester.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Create an original comic book and series of comic strips.
2. Write, draw, and design for MCC's print shop a class group anthology comic book.
3. Explore and apply a variety of drawing media and inking techniques used specifically in the production of comic books.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the history of comics dating back to the 1400's to contemporary examples and apply to students' original works created in class.
5. Use hand-lettering and creative writing techniques and styles to be applied to comic books and comic strips.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023