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New and Updated Course Descriptions

TOY 200 - Engine Performance 1

3 Credits

This is the first of two courses covering the operation, inspection, diagnosis, service and repair of engine management systems. Topics of focus will include: operation and testing of the internal combustion engine and engine-and fuel-management systems, with an emphasis on ignition, fuel delivery, and computer input sensor diagnosis.

TOY 198 and TOY 203, each with a grade of C or better.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe engine related computer control systems.
2. Diagnose engine related computer control systems.
3. Repair engine related computer control systems.
4. Describe ignition systems.
5. Diagnose ignition systems.
6. Repair ignition systems.
7. Describe fuel delivery systems.
8. Diagnose fuel delivery systems.
9. Repair fuel delivery systems.
10. Describe air induction systems.
11. Diagnose air induction systems.
12. Describe exhaust systems.
13. Diagnose exhaust systems.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024