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New and Updated Course Descriptions

HVA 206 - Advanced Heating Systems

3 Credits

An advanced level course in heating systems focusing on fossil fuel technology and venting. There will also be discussions in calculating fuel economies and greenhouse effects.

Prerequisite(s): HVA 103

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Reference the national gas code handbook and its content for various applications.
2. Review basic gas pipe sizing procedures.
3. Identify various gas piping materials.
4. Identify gas meters, pressure regulators, and gas venting materials.
5. Evaluate vent sizing tables for single and multiple appliances.
6. Analyze various venting installations.
7. Review the operation of various heating systems.
8. Analyze operation of heating systems after a new installation.
9. Review various furnace troubleshooting procedures.
10. Compare operating costs of standard efficiency furnaces and high efficiency furnaces
11. Identify alternate heating system applications.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023