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New and Updated Course Descriptions

TRS 094 - Pre Algebra

No Credit

This course, for students who have mastered basic computations, offers preparation for further coursework in mathematics. Students will use fundamentals of mathematics to develop entry level competencies in business math, geometry, rational numbers, and algebra. They will use appropriate technology to reinforce their skills and gain confidence in using math in everyday life.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Perform arithmetic operations on rational numbers.
2. Evaluate algebraic expressions for given values of the variables.
3. Solve one variable linear equations.
4. Translate application problems to algebraic equations.
5. Graph ordered pairs on coordinate axes.
6. Identify angle measurement in intersecting lines.
7. Compute perimeter of composite figures.
8. Compute area of composite figures.
9. Find a side of a triangle using Pythagorean Theorem or proportion method.
10. Compute and solve application problems.
11. Employ a minimum of two critical thinking skills (argument, analysis, reflection, metacognition, and/or problem solving)
12. Employ a minimum of two learning strategies (note taking, reading strategies, homework completion, time management, test preparation, self discipline and test taking strategies).
13. Demonstrate persistence and a positive attitude towards learning

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023