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New and Updated Course Descriptions

XRT 214 - Image Production 3

1 Credit

This is the third and final part of Image Production and will focus on advanced electronics, electromagnetism principles, creation of electric current, voltage, resistance, electromagnetic devices, electronics problems, x-ray circuit, tube alignment, geometry of image formation, proper use of primary and ancillary x-ray equipment. Advanced principles of electronic image production and processing is covered. A focus is on math problems, critical thinking and analysis.

Prerequisite: XRT 153 with a grade of C or better.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain electro-magnetic principles.
2. Relate electro-magnetism to equipment operation.
3. Differentiate among various types of imaging equipment.
4. Explain the criteria for use of various types of imaging equipment.
5. Use ancillary imaging equipment correctly.
6. Apply beam limitation principles.
7. Analyze beam limitation devices for effectiveness.
8. Analyze spatial relationships.
9. Explain digital imaging principles.
10. Apply digital imaging principles to procedures.
11. Relate imaging equipment to theoretical principles.
12. Solve math problems relating to imaging equipment and technique.
13. Analyze images for quality based on theoretical and practical criteria.

Course Offered Fall

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