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New and Updated Course Descriptions

OFT 141 - Professional Grammar and Communications

4 Credits

A presentation and review of grammar, including punctuation, capitalization, number styles, and sentence structure, for accurate business usage. Students will apply grammar skills in the composition and formatting of business documents to include letters, memos, e-mail messages, and reports.

Completion of TRS 105 or TRS 200 or placement in ENG 101 or higher.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Create clear, direct, concise business documents using proper grammar.
2. Apply correct writing conventions, such as punctuation, capitalization, and number styles.
3. Edit and revise documents effectively.
4. Identify the correct channels for the distribution of business documents in an office environment.
5. Demonstrate professionalism in all business communication using appropriate formats to write e-mail messages, memos, business letters, reports, presentation outlines, etc.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023