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New and Updated Course Descriptions

EMS 109 - EMS First Responder Recertification

1 Credit

This course is for students who wish to update their knowledge and skills learned in EMS 101. In addition to assessment and treatment updates, the students will prepare for recertification as a New York State Certified First Responder by visiting topics of patient assessment, airway management, circulatory emergencies, trauma, and selected medical emergencies.

Prerequisite and/or corequisite: EMS 101 or equivalent.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. In the setting of a periodic recertification class, use a standardized assessment method, identify life threatening conditions and provide necessary medical interventions based on common protocols with minimal equipment.
2. In the setting of a periodic recertification class, apply critical thinking techniques to identify appropriate actions to prevent injury and to articulate the required resources to properly manage the situation.
3. In the setting of a periodic recertification class, demonstrate proper use of medical equipment that would be available to a first responder including airway management equipment, automated external defibrillators, hemorrhage control materials, and patient assessment tools.
4. Describe changes in the practice of prehospital emergency medical care that have occurred during the time since their last certification and articulate how they will impact their practice of prehospital care.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023