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New and Updated Course Descriptions

FPT 111 - Firefighter I

8 Credits

This course gives the firefighter the basic skills and education to work safely and effectively as a member of a fire fighting team. Topics include fire behavior, safety practices, use of self-contained breathing apparatus, personal protective equipment, use of fire-fighting appliances, hazardous materials first response at the operations level, and working as part of a fire-fighting team.

Prerequisite: CPR certification is required.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Participate as a member of a firefighting team to suppress/extinguish fire, search for and rescue victims, and protect life and property at structural and other common fire situations.
2. Proficiently operate self contained breathing apparatus and other personal protective equipment commonly used by firefighters in firefighting operations.
3. Describe the unique concerns related to identifying and responding to hazardous materials incidents and to integrate that information with their knowledge of firefighting to take actions to reduce the effects of the incident to the environment, community, and responders.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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