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New and Updated Course Descriptions

POS 206 - International Politics

3 Credits

This course critically analyzes the agents and events that characterize the global system. This course aims to give students a fundamental understanding of contemporary international affairs through a systematic examination of theories, concepts, and ideas that explain the politics of the global system. This includes topics relating to foreign policy-making, international security, international political economy, and the important function of international law and organizations. Emphasis will be placed on the role of state and non-state agents, as well as an analysis of both important historical and current events.

Learning Attributes: WR

New SUNY General Education:
SUNY - Social Sciences
SUNY - World History and Global Awareness

MCC General Education: MCC-GLO - Global Understanding (MGLO)

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Compare and contrast theories associated with the study of international politics.
2.Explain the important concepts and terms associated with the study of international politics.
3.Identify and explain the important historical developments in international politics.
4.Identify and describe major issues associated with the current global system.
5.Appraise the diversity and complexities of agents and agent interactions in international politics.
6.Examine the impact of globalization on agent interactions in international politics.
7.Explain the relationship between individuals and international politics.
8.Utilize writing to communicate an understanding, application, analysis, or evaluation of material covered in this course.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023