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New and Updated Course Descriptions

ASL 201 - American Deaf Culture and Community

3 Credits

This course provides a thorough analysis of the development of Deaf culture in the United States of America. Topics include: education of the D/deaf; Deaf films, theaters and clubs; preservation of American Sign Language; technology and services in the Deaf community; cochlear implantation. The student's acculturation process is facilitated by active participation in the Rochester Deaf community. This course is taught in ASL.

Prerequisite: ASL 102; Corequisite: ASL 203

New SUNY General Education:
SUNY - World Languages

MCC General Education: MCC-AH - Arts and Humanities (MAH), MCC-BCO - Speaking (MBCO)

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Summarize how Deaf culture has developed in the United States of America.
2.Identify important historical events in the Deaf community in the United States.
3.Correctly identify culturally appropriate participation in Deaf clubs and events.
4.Apply technological resources and services available to the Deaf population.
5.Participate in group discussions in ASL.
6.Deliver a presentation in ASL.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023