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New and Updated Course Descriptions

CLT 100 - Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology

1 Credit

This course introduces the student to careers in the clinical laboratory. Topics include the role of the clinical laboratory personnel in the healthcare industry, the regulation of the laboratory, an overview of patient specimen testing, the importance of continuing education, an introduction to laboratory quality assurance, professionalism and customer service. Details of the clinical laboratory technician program are provided, and students explore learning methods that can improve success in the program. May be taken by non-majors.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the functions of the clinical laboratory in patient care.
2. Diagram and describe the organizational structure of a health care organization.
3. Describe the roles of various clinical laboratory professionals.
4. Compare and contrast the educational and licensure/certification requirements for clinical laboratory professionals.
5. Describe the roles of the agencies involved in clinical laboratory regulation.
6. Describe the major points of legislation that significantly affects the clinical laboratory, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), or New York State Public Health Law.
7. Describe professional behaviors or ethics characteristic of clinical laboratory technology professionals.
8. Compare and contrast the laboratory testing performed in a variety of settings.

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2023