Repeating a Course

You may repeat a credit course. The first level course may not be repeated after you have passed the second or higher level course, except with permission of the department chairperson. All course grades appear on the academic record. In cases where courses are repeated, the official grade will be the highest grade recorded. The official grade earned in the course will count towards your Cumulative Point Average.

Some courses can be repeated for additional credit and, therefore, cannot be repeated for a better grade. (ex. Independent Study, Music Lessons). You should check with the Records and Registration Office prior to repeating a course to see if the course is eligible. Grades of W, WI, or AU cannot be substituted for a previous grade.

Programs such as Dental Hygiene, Massage Therapy, Nursing and Radiological Technology have hundreds of students seeking admission to them. The right to repeat courses in these programs is not automatic. If you fail to complete a course successfully, you may be denied the opportunity to continue in that curriculum. However, you may change to other programs offered by the college and then re-apply for admission to the original program.

Repeating a course previously passed may jeopardize your eligibility for financial aid. You will receive financial aid for all courses with 'F' grades. You will receive financial aid for courses with a 'C-' and lower if your program says you must have a grade of 'C' or higher for that course or as a prerequisite for a course that is required in your program (NY AID only - TAP/APTS). Federal aid (PELL/loans) will not pay for a course to be repeated more than one time (withdrawing does NOT count as your one time repeat) regardless of the program or pre-requisite requirements. You are urged to consult with your academic advisor or counselor before repeating a passed course.