Advising Learning Outcomes

Students Will:

1.  Choose their pathway by gaining information regarding their education,
     career, financial, and personal intentions
2.  Develop and maintain a semester-by-semester pathway plan, which
     specifies courses that will lead to credentials and meet career, transfer and
     financial goals
3.  Assume responsibility for meeting academic program requirements
4.  Create and follow a success plan, when needed, for early utilization of
     learning resources to support degree completion
5.  Engage in co-curricular opportunities related to pathway
6.  Develop habits of mind to successfully navigate the world beyond MCC

Advising is individualized and learner-centered.  It is purposeful and planned.  These outcomes are progressive; not every advisement session needs to focus on every outcome, but through the MCC integrated advising model, students will have experienced all outcomes by the end of their third full time term.

*Learning Outcomes adapted, in part, from the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education Standards and Guidelines