New Student Information

Welcome to Monroe Community College at the Downtown Campus!

The Downtown Campus Student Engagement Center can help you with all aspects of college enrollment. Follow the step-by-step guide and you will be on you way to academic success and personal growth.

Step 2. Admissions Checklist
Drop your admission requirements to the DC Student Engagement Center 3rd floor , room 310 or fax your information to (585) 292-3837.

Step 3. Placement Testing
Placement testing is required of all newly enrolled students at MCC. Placement testing is located on th 2nd floor, room 274A.

Step 4. Academic Advisement
Advisement and registration information is available from DC faculty and staff. Advisement is located on the 3rd floor in room 300 or 310.

Step 6. Financial Aid
Financial Aid applications are available at our DC location. Stop by our office or call (585) 685 - 6003.

Step 7. Degree and Certificate program
DC has many degree and certificate programs. Choose from Human Services, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts or Business programs and Teacher Education.