Grant Information and Forms

Grants are a valuable way to obtain external resources for college, faculty and staff projects. To be successful, a grant application should be carefully composed, meeting all funder requirements before submission. The Grants office expert staff will work with you on project development, budget construction, and writing the proposal, increasing grant award potential and project viability. The Grants office handles all proposal submissions to external funders and if awarded, acts as the liaison with the funder for correspondence, contracts, and reporting.  

With the exception of the Internal Funding Opportunities, anyone who wishes to apply for a grant for MCC programs must complete a Grant Preliminary Approval Form.  Required signatures must be obtained before submitting the form to the Grants Office.  Below are links to grant forms to assist you with the grant process.  

Use the Internal Grants Application link below to submit a grant application for Strategic Planning grants, MCC Foundation grants and Xerox STEM grants.

Xerox STEM grants: Faculty teaching in STEM and Applied STEM disciplines, along with staff supporting these areas, may submit an application for Xerox funding for STEM-related events and activities. Potential projects may involve student or faculty research, development of significant new curriculum related to STEM, professional development that enhances faculty skill at teaching or staff skill at supporting students in STEM disciplines, equipment that could be incorporated into a program, mentoring or tutoring programs to assist students in STEM-related programs, activities that promote STEM disciplines to potential or current students, and field trips. Submission deadlines will be announced.

If you have questions concerning these forms, or need assistance, please contact the Strategic Resource Development and Grant Management Office at (585) 685-6237.