Scholars' Day 2018

Scholars' Day 2018 will be held on Saturday April 14 (a detailed schedule will be posted in late March or early April), with a keynote address by Jessica Jackley and Reza Aslan on Monday April 16.

Jessica Lackley and Reza Aslan

Scholars' Day at MCC is an event dedicated to showcasing the work of student researchers and faculty. Scholars' Day celebrates academic excellence while promoting and encouraging scholarship among MCC faculty, staff, and students.

Scholars' Day 2018 will feature a keynote address by Jessica Jackley and Reza Aslan, and a conference of undergraduate and faculty presentations. A related event at the new Downtown Campus is also planned for April 11.

Faculty: If you're considering sponsoring student scholarship for 2018, see the suggestions for promoting student work and the 10 Tips for Scholars' Day Faculty Mentors. If you've been conducting research (e.g., while completing a degree), we invite you to present your work at the 2018 Scholars' Day conference. More information about the event is found on our FAQ page.

Students: More information about the event is found on our FAQ page. For information about effective presentations, see the MCC Library Guide on presentations, or the library's guide on posters.

Submit an application to present by following instructions on our "apply now" page.

Tickets: To attend the keynote address at the Brighton campus, tickets are required. MCC students, staff, and faculty can obtain a ticket at the Information Desk in the Campus Center. Members of the general public can purchase tickets online at, at the Campus Center Service Desk in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center, Building 3, or at the Downtown Campus Bookstore. For further information, call the Campus Center office at 585-292-2534.

Tickets are not required for any of the other events during Scholars' Day (e.g., the conference presentations, the Legacy Lecture, etc.).