Frequently asked questions about MCC's Scholars' Day

What is Scholars' Day?

MCC's Scholars' Day program aims to highlight the accomplished and talented scholarly work and research of all MCC students, faculty, and staff and to provide the entire MCC community with a single venue that highlights and celebrates our culture of academic excellence. Our Scholars' Day program begins with an academic conference, with presentations in a variety of formats (such as posters, panels, individual presentations, artistic presentations and performances). We invite students, faculty, and staff from MCC to participate as presenters, and we also invite the entire community, within and beyond MCC, to attend the event as our guests. It is followed by a keynote address, delivered by a high-profile scholar, on a weeknight following the conference.

What kind of work can get into Scholars' Day?

Scholars' Day is open to submissions from all disciplines, from the arts to the hard sciences. The common thread among presentation topics is scholarly research, which incorporates published literature. Projects suitable for Scholars' Day may include: analyses of existing works of art, literature, science, or technology; creations of new methods of doing something related to topics studied at MCC; or the actual collection and analysis of data pertaining to a research question. (These may be presented as posters, talks, or commentated performances.) Student presentations often originate as work done in class on term papers or projects; and although presentations targeted for Scholars' Day generally go somewhat above and beyond the expectations of the classroom, they might just be excellent works produced entirely as in-class projects. Presentations can also originate as independent work outside the confines of class requirements.

The work submitted as a Scholars' Day proposal need not be extraordinary. Although scholarship awards are given to a select few Scholars' Day presenters (generally for quality, complexity, originality, and skillful presenting), one needn't have an award-winning project to be accepted for presenting. Proposals should reflect the kind of work that generally goes into producing an "A" paper or project.

Faculty presentations are typically tangential to or completely independent of one's teaching, but they might also be analyses of pedagogical methods. We hope that faculty presentations (which are liberally accepted) strive for a level of scholarship that models the sort of inquiry or analysis one might expect at a conference of our community college peers, yet remain intelligible to our better students.

Is the schedule going to be like last year?

No, we are moving to a weekday for the student conference, and we are excited about this. Hopefully the whole college will be more involved in the actual event when we hold it on a regular school day. The keynote is scheduled for the very next evening.

How can I submit a proposal?

To submit a proposal, that is, to apply to become a presenter at Scholars' Day 2019, simply click on the "Apply Now" link in the left-hand menu (applications are generally accepted from October through February; the link is inactive at other times).

If you are a student, you will need a faculty sponsor, so secure that support before applying.

We also request an abstract (generally one paragraph long, summarizing the entire work), which should be submitted at the time of the application. Detail about abstracts (content, length limitations) are available here.

Who can submit proposals?

Students, faculty, and staff at MCC are invited to submit proposals to showcase their work. Student submissions require faculty sponsorship, however the sponsor need not co-present with the student. We are looking for proposals from the entire spectrum of scholarly and creative work associated with the MCC community.

How do I find out if my proposal has been accepted?

All applicants will receive an informal email followed by a formal letter (also by email) from the Scholars' Day Committee after the proposals have been reviewed and final decisions made. This should occur by early or mid-March.

Is it open to the public?

Yes, the Scholars' Day event on Tuesday, at the Brighton campus, is open to the public. The Keynote address, which you won't want to miss, requires an admission ticket, which is free to MCC students, staff, and faculty, but costs a few dollars for members of the general public (in previous years the charge has been $7 - $15). Students presenting at the event will receive one free general admission ticket in addition to their own. The Scholars' Day sessions at Brighton are entirely free and open to the public. 

Can high school students attend?

Yes, we hope they will. Whether they have friends or family attending MCC, or simply want to see the quality of scholarship that MCC produces, high school students are very welcome to attend our Scholars' Day activities.

Where will it take place?

Presentations are usually planned for Buildings 4 and 12, but other locations might be added if necessary. Buildings 4 and 12 are on the north side of the campus, closest to the residence halls and the route 390 ramps at East Henrietta Rd. For a campus map, click here.

The keynote address is usually held in the Theater (Building 4), but may be held in the Gymnasium (Building 10).

Will a schedule be posted somewhere before the event?

The complete schedule for Scholars' Day 2019 will be posted to this web site as soon as it is finalized (probably in late March or early April, 2019).

Do I need a ticket?

You will need a ticket to attend the keynote address. Demand for tickets will be high, so secure yours as soon as possible. MCC students, staff, and faculty can obtain a free ticket at the Information Desk in the Campus Center; but a ticket will be required. Members of the general public can purchase tickets online at, at the Campus Center Service Desk in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center, Building 3, or at the Downtown Campus Bookstore. For further information, call the Campus Center office at 585-292-2534.

Where can I park?

Lots E and F will be available to the general public. To see the lots on a campus map, click here - they are the the two left-most "student parking" lots on the map.

I still have questions that haven't been clarified by this FAQ; where can I turn?

Address your questions to Professor Michael Ofsowitz (co-chair).

May I make financial contributions to help support Scholars' Day?

The MCC Foundation will be happy to receive financial support from any group or individual on behalf of Scholars' Day.